The light on the AC adapter flickers? Is this normal?

The light on the AC adapter flickers? Is this normal?

No this is not normal. When the AC adapter is plugged into a laptop and power supply the light remains constant. If the light flickers, the plug may not be inserted properly into the power supply, the power lead may be faulty or the AC adapter may be faulty.
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    • Does the Laptop AC adapter get hot? Does it need ventilation?

      Yes, the AC adapter will get hot whilst it is plugged in and being used. This is normal. Any device that gets hot will require ventilation. Good ventilation prolongs the life of the device and avoids any accidental damage.
    • My new AC adapter doesn't power my laptop or charge my battery, Whats wrong?

      Make sure that the AC Adapter is plugged in properly and that all the other leads are also plugged in properly. If the light comes on but it still doesn't charge, then the cable connected to the laptop may be faulty or the socket on the laptop may be ...
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      Plugged in, not charging 1.    If your laptop refuses to charge the battery even though it acknowledges that it's plugged in, here's what you need to do: 2.   Open the Device Manager by searching for it or right-clicking the Start button and ...
    • My battery is not charging, What's wrong?

      Make sure the battery is inserted properly into the laptop and the AC adapter/charger is connected and plugged in properly. Make sure the battery is the correct battery for your laptop computer. Make sure the wall socket where the AC adapter/Charger ...
    • Tips to ensure optimal Laptop battery life

      Use the AC adapter whenever possible, but not all the time. Use the battery on its own as well. Set the Windows Power Management settings to maximum savings. Lower the brightness setting on the screen backlight. Disconnect any unused devices (e.g., ...